List of products by brand Alternative

Alternative Ostrich...

<p>Enjoy the unrestricted fun of riding an exceptional longboard deck with the Alternative Ostrich. If you’re looking for a versatile longboard that will provide you with the space you need to perform a wide array of tricks, dancing moves and grabs, the Ostrich might just be the right choice for you.</p>
Price €174.96

Alternative Chauma M...

<p>Unleash your creativity with the ‘’Skate Everything’’ mentality of the Alternative Chauma M longboard deck designed to defy the laws of gravity and help you progress your skills on all four wheels.</p>
Price €170.79

Alternative La...

<p>The all-new Lillian Barou signature longboard deck La Barouquette was designed to accompany you on your Euro Tour and skate trips to lucrative mountain passes. Sporting a durable full wood construction in a compact size,  La Barouquette is the perfect match for anyone with a narrow stance and a love for adrenaline.</p>
Price €158.29