List of products by brand Carver

Carver CX Loose Shape...

<p>Carver CX/C2 bushing set "Loose Shape". This set is made of 2 pivot cups, 2 CX/C2 89A Top Cones, 2 CX/C2 89A Bottoms cones, 1 Washer cup. The loose shape will let you to turn even deeper with you Carver CX surfskate.</p>
Price €8.29

Carver C7 Link Set

<p>Replacement Link Set for Carver C7 Truck</p>
Price €8.29

Carver CX/C2 6.5" Raw...

<p>This is Carver’s hybrid surf and skate truck. On the one hand it’s a standard RKP truck, on the other it has a patented geometry that squeezes every bit of turn and pump from the system. This means that you can pump this truck like a C7, but it lands airs and rides fakie with more stability as well. This opens up aerial maneuvers, and keys in with the latest progression of airs in surfing.</p>
Price €108.29

Carver CX Firm Shape...

<p>Carver CX/C2 bushing set "Firm Shape". This set is made of 2 pivot cups, 2 CX/C2 89A Top Cones, 2 CX/C2 89A Bottoms Barrels, 1 Flat Washer. This setting brings more stability.</p>
Price €8.29

Carver C7 Thrust...

<p>Carver C7 Replacement Thrust Bearing Set. Set includes: One 3/8" ID x 15/16" OD Top Thrust Bearing; Two 3/8" ID x 15/16" OD Top Thrust Washers; One 3/8" ID x 7/8" OD Top Washer; One 7/8" ID x 1 3/8" OD Bottom Thrust Bearing; Two 7/8" ID x 1 3/8" OD Bottom Thrust Washers; One 3/8-24 TPI x 1 ½" Long Pivot Bolt; One 3/8-24 TPI Nylock Nut</p>
Price €10.00

Carver C7 Spare Spring

<p>Spare spring for Carver C7 Truck. Sold singely</p>
Price €5.00

Carver Triton Xenon CX...

<p>Carver Triton little big board, The Xenon is a real performer for all ages. With a longer wheelbase and taller trucks on a slim deck, it can be the one board quiver that everyone can have fun on. An excelllante choice for surfskating at an attractive price.</p>
Price €165.83

Carver C7 Bushings Set

<p>Carver Spare Parts: Replacement bushings &amp; pivot cups for Carver C7/C2 Trucks. This is the exact same cushions as the on who set the original trucks. Front Truck(C7) 95A Barrel/cone; Rear Truck(C2) 89A Barrel/Cone</p>
Price €8.29

Carver Triton Argon C5...

<p>As thin as air, the Argon is the smallerst board in the Carver Triton line, proportioned to give the lightest rider the full surfskate experience. With softer bushings and the lower C5 truck set, its responsive and easy to carve.</p>
Price €165.83

Carver CX Hard...

<p>Carver CX/C2 bushing set "Hard". This set is made of 2 pivot cups, 2 CX/C2 92A Top Cones, 2 CX/C2 92A Bottoms Barrels, 1 Flat Washer. This setting brings the most stability.</p>
Price €8.29

Carver Roundhouse Mag...

<p>Carver Roundhouse Mag is a delicate balance of a square-edged lip to maximize grip and a harder center profile for speed. The key is in the shape of the lip; thin at the edge but quickly getting thicker, with a hollow relief near the core. What this does is create a spring-loaded, rebounding lip, so each time you pump for speed the wheel pumps back. <strong>Set of 4 Wheels</strong></p>
Price €57.50

Carver C7/C2 6.5" Raw...

<p><span>C7 is the signature truck that started it all at Carver. Still the smoothest turning, fastest pumping surf truck ever, it's at the leading edge of true surfskate performance. The patented second axis of this front truck not only increases the turning radius of your carve, but lets you snap the nose and pivot your turns off the tail. C7 match with a C2 truck at the rear. Size 6.5", Raw finish</span></p>
Price €124.17

Carver USA Resin C7...

<p>Carver refer to this board as the ‘Masters’ model, because they recognized that the bigger guys on the USA Surf Team needed a model too. Like a 6’ 10” surfboard, this is a performance board for the men on the team, a board that holds a fast line with its extended wheelbase, all the while cutting smooth lines across the asphalt with the stability of full sized performance deck.</p>
Price €265.83

Carver Greenroom C7...

<p>Carver Greenroom 33.75" Surf skate. The mid-sized retro template provides plenty of platform for stable carving and a wider stance, perfect for cruising and pushing, with timeless art by Matt Beard. Set with Carver C7 spring front truck that will let you litteraly surf the street.</p>
Price €265.83

Carver Channel Islands...

<p>Developed with Channel Islands around their classic Pod Mod, this Carver groveler shortboard is meant to be ridden wider and shorter for progressive everyday performance. Set with Carver C7 Spring truck for fluid surfskate performance.</p>
Price €291.63

Carver Resin 31" C7...

<p>Carver's long-running favorite surfskate has stayed the same for years. It's plenty wide and just the right length so you can snap and pump with ease, and drop in to any hill with confidence.</p>
Price €265.83

Carver Swallow 29" C7...

<p>The 29” Swallow has been one of Carver's favorite boards for years. The combination of short and wide is magic, because the shorter wheelbase makes pumping this board on the flats just effortless, but the extra width and concave makes it a comfortable cruiser, too.The C7 Trucks set will give the board a more flowing performance with a great range of adjustability.</p>
Price €224.96

Carver Triton Nitron...

<p>A step up in size, the Carver Triton Nitron 28" is small enough for kids, big enough for adults. Featuring the taller CX truck set, this little board can lean deep and carve hard. An excelllante choice for surfskating at an attractive price.</p>
Price €165.83