List of products by brand Bionic

Bionic 3 way tool

<p>Bionic 3 way tool. Functions: 15/16 inch for Toe Stop Adjustment(Roller skate), 9/16 inch Kingpin Adjustment(roller and skateboard), 1/2 inch Axle Nut Adjustment(Roller and skateboard)</p>
Price €4.17

Bionic Skate Laces

<p>Colored replacement laces for your roller skate shoes. Variables sizes and colors to match your needs.</p>
Price €4.17

Bionic Mounting...

<p>Mounting Hardware set for Roller Skates. Must be use with hard sole shoes such as Roller Derby and Artistic boots. Include 12 phillips head bolts(8x3.5m + 4x6.9cm) with washers and nuts.</p>
Price €5.83

Bionic Super...

<p>Bionic Super Stoppers for Roller Quads. Flat round 45mm running surface. Bouncy, durable, and non marking rubber. Set with a standard 30mm lock lenght. <strong>Sold as a pair</strong></p>
Price €18.29

Bionic Bigfoot...

<p><span id="u16557">Bionic BigFoot</span> is Bionic premier derby stopper for all playing positions. Bigfoot is shaped for optimum grip and control. Materials/compounds are formulated for extreme grip and longevity. Great for all surfaces but mind blowing on slick cement. 59mm footprint. <span id="u16573-34">Angles cut on backside</span> eliminates any chance of wheels rubbing, causing major drag/friction. This holds true for wheels. <strong>Sold as a pair</strong></p>
Price €19.96