List of products by brand Rookie

Roller Quad Toestop...

<p>Roller Quad Toestop bolts(Set). To be use with bell type stoppers. Diameter 5/16". <strong>Set of 2 bolts</strong></p>
Price €1.67

Rookie Compartmental...

<p>The Rookie Compartmental Boot Bag is the perfect holdall for any skates+ helmet. It has various airflow systems to ensure your skates and other items are well ventilated. The small accessory compartment is great for any extra bits you need to carry with you.</p>
Price €16.63

Rookie Bag Skatepack

<p>The Rookie Skatepack has numerous compartments to fit all your essentials whether it’s going for a skate with friends or packing your bag for a Derby bout. Our unique carry system secures your skates in place without comprising any comfort. The padding in the back and straps maximises the comfort so you can take it with you wherever you go.</p>
Price €29.13

Rookie Hanger ACS 430...

<p>Rookie ACS430 Truck hanger. Fit all Rookie Roller quads plates. This hanger is identical at the one setting the Rookie Ruckus Roller skates. <strong>Sold singly with axle nuts</strong></p>
Price €4.17

Rookie Hanger ACS 500...

<p>Hanger truck ACS 500. Fit all models of Rookie Roller skate quads. Axle width 56mm. <strong>Sold singely and with axle nuts</strong></p>
Price €4.58

Rookie Rear Brake...

<p>This classic style rear brake bracket fits on all Suregrip, Acs, Adc, Zytel toe stops and many others that use the standard bell shape. It is of industry standard and should fit 99% of all quad roller skates. <strong>Sold singly and without stopper</strong></p>
Price €4.96

Rookie 62x42mm Derby...

<p>Rookie Super High-Rebound Derby training wheels with a nylon hub. Size 62mmx42mm(Wide), 92A Duro. <strong>Set of 4 wheels. *Possible minor blemishes*</strong></p>
Price €10.00

Rookie 4 in 1...

<p>Fine-tune your rollerskates with the Rookie 4 in 1 Multitool.</p>
Price €10.00