List of products by brand Powerdyne

Powerdyne Pivot Cups...

<p>Replacement pivot cups for Powerdyne Triton/Thrust/Dynapro plates. Set of two(for one plate)</p>
Price €3.33

Powerdyne Jupiter Toe...

<p>Grippy natural rubber and a large, flat surface with signature dimples provide the stability and predictable bite needed for fast stops, quick starts and delicate balance. To help reduce weight, the signature bell shape and the forged, hollow stem combine to make the Powerdyne Jupiter lighter than other bulky toe stops, allowing the skater to be quicker and more nimble.</p>
Price €20.79

Powerdyne Thrust...

<p>Powerdyne Stopper Insert for Powerdyne Thrust plates. Thrust are the nylon plates who usually comes factory mounted on Riedell R3, Dart, She Devil, Vandal rollerskates. Sold individualy</p>
Price €2.50

Powerdyne Thrust &...

<p>Powerdyne spare truck for Powerdyne Triton plates(Riedell Vixen, MG2,...), Thrust plates(Riedell R3, Dash,...) and Revenge plates. Aluminium cast hanger, 8mm axles. Sold individualy and without axle nuts.</p>
Price €4.58

Powerdyne Toe Stop...

<p>Powerdyne Toe Stop Screws. Match with Powerdyne Falcon &amp; Revenge plates; Roll Line plates all models exept Mirage. Set of 2 screws</p>
Price €2.92

Powerdyne Y4 Skate Tool

<p>The PowerDyne Y4 Skate Tool features 4 tools in one! This versatile skate tool includes a 1/2” socket for axel nuts, an 11/16” socket for truck adjustment lock nuts on PowerDyne Reactor Series plates, a removable 9/16” socket for truck adjustment lock nuts, and finally a 5mm T Handle Allan wrench for toe stop set screws and PowerDyne Arius plate axis pins.</p>
Price €20.00

Powerdyne Jam Plugs...

<p>Black composite plugs for toe stop housings. Use those dance plugs when you are not using your stoppers. Plugs avoid damaging your plates and/or the floor. Set of 2 plugs. Dimeter 5/8" with imperial(US) thread</p>
Price €9.96

Powerdyne Pivot Cups...

<p>Pivot Cups for Powerdyne Revenge and Rival Plates. <strong>Sold in pairs(for one plate)</strong></p>
Price €5.00

Powerdyne Pivot Cups...

<p>Powerdyne Delrin Pivot Cups for Reactor Plates. Does not fit any other plates. <strong>Sold in pairs(for one plate)</strong></p>
Price €4.58

Powerdyne Arius Toe...

<p>Powerdyne Arius Toe stop screws. This screw keep the Toe Stop of the POWERDYNE Arius Plate locked. built in washer. <strong>Sold in pairs</strong></p>
Price €3.33

Powerdyne Y3 Skate Tool

<p>The PowerDyne Y3 Skate Tool features 3 tools in one and is designed with: a 1/2” socket for axel nuts, a 9/16” socket for King Pin lock nuts, and finally a 15/16” open wrench for toe stop lock nuts. They Y3 is a great tool for most plates, and one of, if not the best tools for roller skate plates that use a washer and nut system for toe stops.</p>
Price €15.83

Powerdyne Reactor Neo...

<p>Powerdyne Reactor Neo has been stress-tested &amp; refined to reduce weight, increase strength, and improve feel. It has a bright silver anodized finish and comes with solid 7075 aluminum kingpins and high rebound urethane cushions for the instant response found in plates that are twice the price.</p>
Price €162.46