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Rad Wheels Release...

<p>The R.A.D. Release wheels are designed to let you release your inner freeriding beast</p> <p style="margin-bottom:0cm;">Set of four wheels</p>
Price €58.29

Rad Feather 63mm...

<p>RAD 63mm Feather gives you everything you need to maximize ease of sliding. The smaller, versatile shape is ready for anything from city crushing to downhill freeriding. The Feather comes with a stone ground finish ready to slide right out of the box. With a proprietarty urethane formula, the Feather is ready to paste urethane up and down your local slide spot. <strong>Set of four wheels</strong></p>
Price €48.29

Rad Glide 70mm...

<p>With a sideset core and 30mm contact patch, breaking traction has never been so buttery. Rad Glide comes with a stone ground finish, ready to slide. At the heart of it all is the Crown Core, chatter and vibrations are eliminated. Core doesn't deform under weight, maximizing your potential roll speed. From the flat ground to the steepest hill, the Glide will ensure a great ride. <strong>Set of four wheels</strong></p>
Price €54.13

Rad Influence Jimmy...

<p><span style="font-size:13px;"><span style="color:#4c4c4c;">Rad introduces the Jimmy Riha Influence. This Pro-model features a proprietary urethane to maximize the ease of sliding. The smaller versatile shape is ready for anything from downhill freeriding to city crushing. It features the crown Core with a 63mm diameter, 34mm Contact patch, and 80a durometer. This wheel is designed to have fun wherever you find yourself skating. <strong>Set of four wheels</strong></span></span></p>
Price €48.29

Rad Wheels Advantage 74mm

<p>The 74mm Advantage gives you all the edges needed to control your direction and speed. With a 58mm contact patch, supported yet flexible lips, grip on the pavement is maximized without compromising mobility.</p> <p>Set of four wheels</p>
Price €62.46

Rad Influence James...

<p>Rad Influence James Kelly pro model is designed for fast freeriding. It features a unique shape designed to grip corners while maintaining the ability to throw long, controlled slides. This pro model features the Crown Core, a 70mm Diameter and a 54mm contact patch. <strong>Set of four wheels</strong></p>
Price €54.13

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