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Chicks In Bowls...

<p>Chicks In Bowls(CIB) "Classic" Sticker. Size 12x12.25cm</p>
Price €1.25

CIB Pro Sliders Gen 2

<p>Sliders mount to the bottom of you Roller Skate plate, opening up a world of new tricks and take your skating to a whole new level. New and improved design to maximize your sliding capability. Pro Sliders are only compatible with quad skates that use wide(grind) trucks. Designed for the custom set-ups. They’re so lightweight you won’t even know they’re there.</p>
Price €74.96

Chicks In Bowls "CIB...

<p>Chicks In Bowls "CIB logo Siver" round sticker size 5cm</p>
Price €0.50

CIB Slide Blocks

<p>CIB(Chicks In Bowls) Slide Blocks come in four sizes and are compatible with popular plates. Best of all, they’re super easy to install without removing plates! Mounting hardware and 10°/20° adaptaters included</p>
Price €91.63

CIB Vertex 61mm Roller...

<p><span class="s1">It’s no secret you want a hard wheel for skating parks and ramps, but when you’re taking your skating to new heights, you need a wheel that will increase your velocity. CIB <span class="s1">Vertex Wheels will take your skating to new heights. Chicks In Bowls tallest, hardest wheel is designed to maintain motion and achieve maximum speed to hit new vertical heights. Sold in 4 packs.</span></span></p>
Price €39.58

CIB "Invert Naked...

<p>Chicks in Bowls "Invert Naked Lady" Women Fitted Tee Shirt. Small logo printed on left chest, large "Inverted Naked Lady" graphic printed on the back. Short Sleeves. CIB is a core Roller Skate brand ran by iconic rider's Lady Trample.</p>
Price €24.96

CIB Grind Trucks(4Pk)

<p>Chicks in Bowls(CIB Grind) Trucks are designed for the ultimate park skate set-ups. Upgrade your standard trucks to wide trucks to ride with stability and access new tricks. Go faster and bigger than ever before. Expand your tricks and skills to axle stalls and grinds. Compatible with most Roller Skate Plates and easy to install, just follow the installation instructions and you’re good to go!</p>
Price €91.63