Abec-5 bearings are not the fastest ones, but are solid and required only little maintenance. Recommanded for street boarding were shocks and vibrations are high and repetitive.

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Enuff Abec-5...

<p>Enuff Abec-5 bearings. Waterproof, standard size (8mm) for skateboard, longboard, roller, scooter. Modestly priced and super effective. <strong>Set of eight bearings</strong></p>
Price €8.29

Amphetamine Abec-5...

<p>Amphetamine Abec-5 Bearings. Thermally applied coatings enhance corosion resistance; Grade 10 hardened steel balls for higher rockwell rating; Fritcion-free rubber shields fast and easy to maintain; Pre-lubricated with Amphetamine synthetic Speed Oil. <strong>Set of height bearings+spacers</strong></p>
Price €9.96

Spitfire Cheapshots...

<p>Spitfire Cheapshots Abec5 Skateboard bearings. Good value skateboard bearings, the quality of a renowed brand at a tiny price. Resit well to repetitiv impacts. <strong>Set of 8 bearings</strong></p>
Price €13.33

Spitfire Classics...

<p>Set of height Spitfire Classics bearings Abec5. Good strenght and fast rolling. All you need for skateboarding</p>
Price €16.63

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