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Amphetamine Hybrid...

<p>Amphetamine Hybrid speed bearings combine 6 steel balls with one ceramic ball. The ceramic ball helps pulverize dirt and keep the bearing cooler. Hybrids has the durability of a steel bearing and speed of a ceramic.<strong> Set of height bearings+spacers</strong></p>
Price €19.13

Bones Super Redz...

<p>Bones Super REDS® are designed from the ground up to be the best bearing on the market at this price point. What Super REDS® are not is a REDS® bearing with just better super finishing (surface polishing). Super REDS® are a superior quality bearing, using higher quality steel races, better quality and grade balls, and a superior surface finish. <strong>Set of 8 bearings</strong></p>
Price €33.25

Seismic Tekton 6-Ball...

<p><span style="font-size:small;">Set of eight (8) bearings. </span><span style="font-size:small;">Breakthrough self-aligning design corrects for flaws in bearing seat levelness, bearing seat spacing, axle diameter and axle straightness.</span></p> <p><span style="font-size:small;">The 6-Ball Tekton is constructed with fewer, larger balls than ordinary 608Z bearings. This means less ball-raceway surface contact area, less friction, quicker acceleration, higher speed, and longer life.</span></p>
Price €39.96

Enuff Abec9 skateboard...

<p>Enuff Abec9 bearings Fit on standard 8mm axles. Set of 8 bearings</p>
Price €12.42

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