List of products by brand Rocket Longboards

Rocket Phoenix...

<p>The Phoenix by Rocket is made for speed and the smoothest ride possible. Disigned with the 2017 Junior European champion Tristan Cardillo. Despite being super light, it is one of the most vibration absorbent boards on the market. This makes it easier to grip the perfect line through corners.</p>
Price €190.79

Rocket Hades Black...

<p><span>The Hades is a hardline downhill &amp; fast freeride board. The rocker is restricted to the foot platform so there is no influence on the angle of the trucks. Thanks to the wheel well flares and the flush cut at the front, the concave continues despite the flat nose. This allows the rider to stand above the front truck.</span></p>
Price €183.29

Rocket Mini Hades...

<p><span>The mini Hades is a modern race board and the ultimate grip machine. It combines all the features of its big brother in a very compact form: An asymmetrical rocker, wheel flares and a w-concave in the back. A shorter platform and two flush cuts allow standing very close to the trucks. Hence this board should be your choice if you’re looking for some extra grip.</span></p>
Price €182.46