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Riviera King of Kings...

<p>Riviera King of Kings III. Born from the ashes of its forefathers and burning brightly into the future of casual cruising!  Blaze through your day with this beautiful maple &amp; bamboo bomber that was made to keep your spirits high and your love BIG!  Boh Boh Boh</p>
Price €182.50

Riviera Glass Off...

<p>Riviera Glass off is a surf inspired classic longboard made just for your cruising needs. A stable platform with mellow concave and a functional kick-tail that makes skating as fun as it was the day you took your first push.</p>
Price €166.58

Riviera Unbound...

<p>Riviera Unbound, carving, cruising and sliding board. Its Bamboo core give the unbound s a lively flex that you will love when carving. Unbound would please riders ranging from begenners to expert. High quality at an affordable price.</p>
Price €187.42

Riviera Sonador...

<p><span>Riviera developed this unique shape that offers a truly versatile riding skateboard.  You can carve as hard as you want with this board as well as slide it anywhere you’d like.  It’s stable at moderate to high speeds and at slower speeds has enough flex and rebounding qualities to really loosen your legs up.  Art work by Wise.</span></p>
Price €166.63

Riviera Beta Fish Mini...

<p><span>Riviera Beta Fish is the little brother of the‘Sea Snake’ board!  It has all the same qualities as it’s elder, but boasts a shorter wheel base and length that give it a ‘whippy’ ride and a bit more agility when you’re busting flat-ground tricks on it.  You’ll find comfort on this board while freeriding and sliding at slower speeds than it’s older brother.</span></p>
Price €187.08

Riviera Soul Patrol...

<p>Riviera Soul Patrol is a classic pintail shape made for cruising, carving, dancing with no stress and lots of fun. We can feel the californian surfing influence. Board comes set with high quality Paris and Divine elements witch is a bargain in this range of price.</p>
Price €166.58