Slide gloves

Slide gloves

Gloves are an essential protection when it's time for longboarding. Slide pucks will let you place your hand on the road when sliding and cornering.

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Venom Trojan Denim...

<p>Venom Trojan Denim Disaster Blue Longboard Slide Gloves are lightweight and breathable so you can protect your hands while shredding your longboard harder and faster Like a crazy denim cowboy.</p>
Price €49.96

Long Island Freeride...

<p>Long Island Freeride longboard slide gloves. Best value gloves. Featuring velcro palm pucks, Kevlar finger tips, padded palm, neoprene wrist strap.</p>
Price €36.63

Rekd Longboard Slide...

<p>The REKD Slide Gloves are lightweight and durable, providing your hands with the protection they need when sliding. The palm impact support helps absorb slide vibrations and impacts while the neoprene wrist and elastic strap keep the glove locked in place on your hand. The palm has 100% Velcro coverage. Sweat absorbing microfibre material on the thumb area.</p>
Price €33.29

Long Island Race Slide...

<p>Long Island leather race gloves. Made of thick micro perforated leather. Double leather finger tips, velcro palm pucks, knuckles protector shell. Probably the highest hand protection that you can get for this price.</p>
Price €54.13

TSG Cuesta DH...

<p>Built to beat concrete and grit the leather TSG Cuesta DH glove is one of the thougest, most confortable downhill skate gloves on the hill. Armed with Carbon knuckles, Kevlar fingertips and made from hard-wearing(vented) real leather this monster of the road delivers ultimate protection, premium fit and the confidence to slide out on hairpins.</p>
Price €66.63

TSG Worker Slide...

<p>TSG Worker AD slide gloves are disigned with a 360° neoprene wrist wrap for added stability. It features a sturdy nash construction with Kevlar reinforcement in the fingertips and thumb. The removable slide puck is Velcro-fastened on a slender EVA protective pad.</p>
Price €45.79

Loaded Freeride V7...

<p>From the ashes of their ancestors rise the Loaded Freeride Gloves, Version 7.0!  Based on the community feedback Loaded redesigned the gloves from scratch to make them better than ever. The profile of the gloves is reduced and now offer a full range of three form-fitting sizes to better accommodate youth and female riders.</p>
Price €49.96

TSG Stelvio DH Sk8...

<p>TSG Stelvio DH SK8 slide gloves. Sturdy work glove construction with rubber reinforced fingers and thumb for rough slides. Carbon knuckle inserts keep your joints safe in catastrophic crashes? Slim padded palm below slide puck. Slightly longer wrist cuff with Velcro wrap strap for more stability.</p>
Price €45.79

Loaded Gloves Race V2

<p>Loaded Race Gloves V2. GRAY IS THE FASTEST COLOR • High quality goatskin leather for durability and comfort.</p>
Price €69.92