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Powerdyne Pivot Cups...

<p>Replacement pivot cups for Powerdyne Triton/Thrust/Dynapro plates. Set of two(for one plate)</p>
Price €3.33

Aluminium Custom Cut...

<p>3mm depth Aluminium Custom Cut Insoles for roller skate plate mounting on sport shoes. For online orders, please send us a real size draw of your shoes contours. We can also provide rectangular aluminium sheets. <strong>Set of 2 insoles</strong></p>
Price €20.83

Riedell Waxed Laces

<p>The Riedell Waxed Laces are designed with strength in mind. The wax coating protects the laces to help them last longer, while providing additional grip to make tightening your skates easier. Sold in pairs.</p>
Price €4.17

Bionic Skate Laces

<p>Colored replacement laces for your roller skate shoes. Variables sizes and colors to match your needs.</p>
Price €4.17

Sure-Grip Pivot cups...

<p>Replacement standard PVC pivot cups for Suregrip Robe &amp; Probe plates(the one who comes has standard on most Sure-Grip rollerskates). Size: Ouside diameter 14mm; Inside diameter 8mm; heights 17mm. <strong>Set of 2 cups(for one plate)</strong></p>
Price €3.33

Sure-Grip Insoles...

<p>Sure-Grip replacement insoles. These are the same contour insoles that come standard with your new skates. Ideal for those who want a little more padding or just looking to replace their warn out insoles.. <strong>Set of 2</strong></p>
Price €4.17

Roll Line Pivot Cups(2...

<p>Roll Line Pivot Cups for Roll Line Plates. <strong>Sold in pairs(for one plate)</strong></p>
Price €4.17

Radar Mini Wheel Bag

<p>Radar Mini Wheel Bag. Fit 8 roller skate wheels + tool or bearings set. Easy access to the wheels.</p>
Price €8.29

Riedell Leather Toe...

<p>Unlike single strap toe covers that sometimes slide from side to side, these Riedell toe caps have been designed to stay securely in place, protecting your boot under the most demanding use on any surface. Built from a rugged, one-piece construction and finished with actual eyelets that won't damage laces even when pulled very tight Provide the very best protection for your skate boot. <strong>Set of 2</strong></p>
Price €16.63

Riedell Leather Toe...

<p>Keep your skates looking new with the leather Riedell Toe Guards. Thread the top of the toe guard with your laces around the bottom eyelets of your boot and loop the bottom through the toe stop bolt to prevent the front of your boot from getting scuffed up. <strong>Sold in pairs</strong></p>
Price €7.50

Riedell Pro Fit Toe...

<p>Riedell Pro Fit Toe Caps are the perfect combination of toe and lace protection to keep your skates looking like new no matter what surface you skate on. The Pro Fit Toe Cap is crafted from top-quality leather. The Pro Fit Toe Cap attaches at the toe stop, extends around the toe of the boot and finishes about half way up the laces. <strong>Sold in pairs</strong></p>
Price €21.63

MyFit Gel Heel Pads

<p>This Gel heel cushions will take away any shocks from your feet and legs. Your joints, ligaments, and bones will thank you. Sizes: Small 36-40; Medium 40-43; Large 43-47.</p>
Price €9.08

MyFit Derby...

<p>MYFIT Derby Techsole – upgrade your game. The MYFIT Derby Techsole has been designed for Roller Derby skates, but also Park Roller skates. The thin sole out of 3-D molded EVA material combines support and performance.</p>
Price €8.29

Bont Rubber Bumpers...

<p>This is a replacement protective front bumper for your Bont Quadstar or Prostar quad skates. Use a hair dryer to make the rubber warm and use super glue to attach it to the boot. The protective bumper comes as a set of two bumpers (left and right).</p>
Price €10.00

Sure-Grip Delrin Pivot...

<p>Sure-Grip Delrin Press fit pivot cups. Fit all DA-45 plates, Avenger series, Avanti Magnesium, Invader, XK-4. Delrin cup are more precise and more durable than standard PVC cups. <strong>Set of 2 cups(for one plate)</strong></p>
Price €5.83

CIB Pro Sliders Gen 2

<p>Sliders mount to the bottom of you Roller Skate plate, opening up a world of new tricks and take your skating to a whole new level. New and improved design to maximize your sliding capability. Pro Sliders are only compatible with quad skates that use wide(grind) trucks. Designed for the custom set-ups. They’re so lightweight you won’t even know they’re there.</p>
Price €74.96

Riedell Laces Black...

<p>Roller skates  laces by Riedell. Width Medium 1/2", Lenght 72". Color: Black with white skull heads</p>
Price €4.17

Riedell Laces Black &...

<p>Roller skates  laces by Riedell. Width Medium 1/2", Lenght 72". Color: Black with neon yellow spots</p>
Price €4.17

Sure-Grip Rebel...

<p>Leather toe guards have always been a staple item in every skaters bag. Those toe guards are nothing short of brilliant. Finished in new bright colors will make you stand out in the crowd as someone who wants to make a statement all the while protecting your boots. <strong>Set of two</strong></p>
Price €10.79

Pilot Ball Stud Pivot...

<p>Ball Stud Pivot Cups for Pilot plates all models: F16 Falcan &amp; Falcon Plus, F16 Eagle &amp; Eagle Plus. <strong>Sold in pairs(for one plate)</strong></p>
Price €4.17

Bionic Barefoot...

<p><span>Bionic Barefoot Booties can be worn with quad, inline, ice boots and/or cycling shoes as an alternative to socks, enhencing confort and boot feeling.</span></p>
Price €16.67

Sure-Grip Grind...

<p><span>UHMW grind blocks for use on the Suregrip Avenger and the Avanti plate only. Very easy to instal. Includes one pair of Sure Grip Grind blocks and mounting hardware.</span></p>
Price €58.29

CIB Slide Blocks

<p>CIB(Chicks In Bowls) Slide Blocks come in four sizes and are compatible with popular plates. Best of all, they’re super easy to install without removing plates! Mounting hardware and 10°/20° adaptaters included</p>
Price €91.63

Powerdyne Pivot Cups...

<p>Pivot Cups for Powerdyne Revenge and Rival Plates. <strong>Sold in pairs(for one plate)</strong></p>
Price €5.00

MyFit Powerdisc 45...

<p>This strap with a Powerdisc will lock your heel perfectly into any skate.Just put it around the heel and turn the knob until fully locked. The strap will improve the control, power transfer and support of your boots. One size fits All. Set of 2 powerstraps</p>
Price €33.29

Sure-Grip Emoji Laces 72"

<p><span>One pair of Non-slip rubber on these laces to keep your laces tight.</span> Emojis Graphic. Lenght 72"</p>
Price €8.29

Riedell Laces Rainbow...

<p>Roller skates  laces by Riedell. Width Medium 1/2", Lenght 72". Color: Rainbow Plaid</p>
Price €4.17

Sure-Grip Black/Pink...

<p><span>One pair of Non-slip rubber on these laces to keep your laces tight.</span> Black with pink broken hearts. Lenght 72"</p>
Price €8.29

Riedell Laces...

<p>Roller skates  laces by Riedell. Width Medium 1/2", Lenght 72". Color: Multicolor</p>
Price €4.17

Sure-Grip Black/Red...

<p><span>One pair of Non-slip rubber on these laces to keep your laces tight.</span> Black &amp; Red Checker. Lenght 72"</p>
Price €8.29

Sure-Grip Botanical...

<p><span>One pair of Non-slip rubber on these laces to keep your laces tight.</span> Botanical Leaves Graphic. Lenght 72"</p>
Price €8.29

Powerdyne Pivot Cups...

<p>Powerdyne Delrin Pivot Cups for Reactor Plates. Does not fit any other plates. <strong>Sold in pairs(for one plate)</strong></p>
Price €4.58

Sure-Grip Rainbows...

<p><span>One pair of Non-slip rubber on these laces to keep your laces tight.</span> Rainbows Graphic. Lenght 72"</p>
Price €8.29

Chaya Karma Grind...

<p>The Chaya Karma Grindblock is the only asymmetrical roller skate Grindblock in the market. This feature in addition with backslide plates will create two points of contact while grinding or stalling and this will open a whole new world for grinding trick fanatics. The block comes with hardware that matches perfectly with Chaya Shari plates.</p>
Price €41.63