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Slide Swallow 33"...

<p>One of the biggest of the Slide crew, the Swallow 33" is focused on longboarders and riders that would rather have extra volume under their feet. The Swallow allows you to practice wide turns, move and dance they same way you do it surfing with your longboard. The Swallow is the perfect model for bigger sized riders and for those who are more comfortable with wider shapes.</p>
Price €141.63

Slide Neme Pro 35"...

<p>The Neme Rico Pro model Surfskate by Slide will bring the highest performance out of you. Its smooth central concave will maximize each turn keeping every move under control. Cruising, carving or inside the pool, this board will make the most out of every turn.</p>
Price €158.29

Slide Diamond 32" Koa...

<p>Inspired by the classical single fins of the 70’s, the diamond 32" shape is your perfect weapon to go from one place to another, surf the streets and polish your style to get ready for epic conditions with long rides and powerful waves.</p>
Price €141.63