Randal trucks

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Randal II 180mm...

<p>A classic longboard trucks. You will have no bad surprises by choosing Randal II trucks.</p> <p>Good for carving, dancing, freeriding, commuting, every day uses,...</p> <p>Sold as a single truck</p>
Price €25.00

Randal RIII 180mm 50°...

<p>Randal RIII are completely redesigned from the ground up with a new baseplate, machined pivot pin and bushing seat, stronger axle,... 50° angled baseplate with 180mm width hanger. Made in the USA since 1976 using prime grade 356 alumnium, no cheap asian aluminum here. Set with Randal 90a barrel bushings.Color: Raw <strong>Single Truck</strong></p>
Price €29.17