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Arbor Bogart 61mm...

<p>Soft and lightweight, the Arbor Bogart is designed for pure sidewalk surfing on your quick commute. This 61mm wheel is perfect for making a few turns on a trip to the corner store or dodging obstacles when pushing through campus. 61MM | 78A | CP: 36.0MM | OS: 2.5MM. Set of 4 Wheels</p>
Price €35.79

Arbor Mosh 65mm...

<p>The Arbor Mosh is a solid choice for cruising, freeride, or replacing the wheels on your board with an environmentally conscious urethane. Arbor's Sucrose urethane is featured on this wheel and it's a good mix for smooth slides and great durability. This wheel will fit under most street (with 1/4" riser) or cruiser boards and is a great option for any board in your quiver.</p>
Price €38.29

Arbor Outlook 69mm...

<p>Arbor Outlook 69mm is a big, smooth cruiser wheel made from soft Venice Formula that won’t back down when carving at high speeds on questionable surfaces.  The 44mm contact patch increase stability, but the offset design combined with a round lip profile means you’ll still feel that nice balance between grip and slip. <strong>Set of 4 Wheels</strong></p>
Price €41.63

Arbor Axel Serrat 58mm...

<p><span>The Axel Serrat Pro Model Wheel by Arbor will fulfill all of your hybrid skating needs. It specializes in high speed performance when bombing, slashing, or carving. Axel’s wheel has the versatility required for charging on the hill or across any urban setting.</span></p>
Price €41.63

Arbor Spud 64mm...

<h2>The Arbor Spud rises to all challenges, from mountain passes to local freeride spots. It holds a clean line due to the center-set configuration and rolls fast thanks to its chunky shape. If you like a slippery wheel with tons of control, the Spud is for you! Set of 4 Wheels</h2>
Price €49.96

Arbor Summit 71mm...

<p>The Summit 71mm is Arbor’s technical downhill wheel; an offset design that provides a rare balance of grip and drift performance. A leaf-spring sidewall and mid-angle lip work together to create the rebound and power needed to consistently hug the road. Set of 4 Wheels</p>
Price €58.29

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